Bo Yin – 21/11/2023


Laughing Ears – Blue Dusk

Joe Cotch ‘Psalm 666’ Out Now via MAL Recordings

Conquest Mode (Mosca’s NOLA Version)

Nico – Trampa


Pass One


Aroent – Say

Ayesha – Apsara Dub

Rackz282 – Safety Mark

Piezo – Cyclic Wavez

Ciel – Scenes From a Marriage

Samgoku -c. spirit beat

Partial Content – Temblor

Ismael X Stormzy – Helix X Wiley Flow (ABADIR Edit)

RLX002 B1 – PSI – Ten Eight Seven Mastered

exael – wet look

Lithe – Second Pavilion (Galtier Remix)

phil in a maze — Like Blazes

Rings Around Saturn – Lansky’s Vision

Le Chat (feat. Jazzmine Berger)

Boards of Canada- In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country

Everything But The Girls -Single (Photek Remix)


heartbreak bops w/ esile and m!xed s!gnals – 16/11/2023

“esile and m!xed s!gnals are two Berlin-based DJs deeply passionate about using community radio platforms to share their music enthusiasm, as well bringing exposure to young and up and coming producers, from Berlin and overseas. Their series “somewhere else” is a 2-hour genre-blending escapade, guiding listeners through liquid ethereal breaks, experimental soundscapes, and bassy downtempo electro under a nostalgic and bittersweet lens.”


tweez — heath
basin steppes — stone
la hija de juan simon — rosalia
permanence — lauren duffus
solov — bod
water — sean being & asio otus
silver fawn — ivy hollivana
vintage keys — fusion forum
being is a stone — upsammy
dnb jan — buttechno & tris
brown sugar — akasha
summer walker come thru — miracles
ibiza sunset — mauro picotto
128kbps (1999) — oravin
donkey kong country – aquatic ambience — naafi
respira — basile3 y clara!
splinter cell -jetty
kiss it better -ynfynyt scroll
amber sun -esp
hooked ft. aluna — bambii
lovce nautics — bambinodj
plumas del arroyo – syntrovert
serena riddim — love


injection w/ ciringe x VIBRACIONES – 14/11/2023

Injection host ciringe brings a more bass-focused mix, experimenting and bouncing between double + half-time tempos.

Victory (they/them), also known as VIBRACIONES, is a trans non-binary Colombian DJ, producer, musician, and transdisciplinary artist whose passion for music transcends genres and artistry. Born in NYC and based out of Miami, they have been classically trained for a majority of their life and fuse together inspiration from all over the world and from every genre. Victory is the creator of FUNRAVER & Transcendental, two FL based event series focused on serving queer, trans, and gender expansive BIPOC and allies by throwing parties, wellness, and art events. They are passionate about providing safe and inclusive spaces for QTPOC to feel liberated through music, movement, and community. VIBRACIONES is the 2023 recipient of the Theresa Velasquez LGBTQIA+ Fellowship and is also a part of Change The Beat, a non-profit which aims to help more femme and gender expansive artists sign onto big time record labels such as Toolroom, Anjunadeep, Anjunabeats, He.She.They, and SOLA, to name a few. In their free time, they love spinning and playing with fire, communing with nature, creating audio visuals, & learning about sound & synthesis.


McGregor – Clean Lines
Sindh – Adhibhaar
Beats Unlimited – Burn Your Theremin
Loek Frey – Xanth
Big Hands – Calix’s Head
Atoloi – Nove Vie
Elpac – Baziak
Xen Model – A Bright Star (ft. 11ai)
Metrist – Oerchar
Air Max ‘97 – Xhrinicibles ft. LOFT
Ma Sha – Sea Through Fantasia
Toma Kami – Solo Use
Amor Satyr & Siu Mata – Nah
Coe – 403
Robert Fleck – Bromine
Headhunter – Collecting Butterflies
Cartridge & Biome – Ricky Rosé
Siu Mata & Amor Satyr – Mhkl
crouds – Switchblade
SPE:C – Tilted
Kaisei & Dreaker – Archaea

Part Time Killer – Dune
Donato Dozzy & Anna Caragnano – Parola (Rework)
Bours? – Birds of Marigny
LENGUA & TIGR3 – Barking Llama
XOPLYSM – Lizard Woman
Tommy Pulse – The Answer (Pt. 1)
Regal – Looking For Balance
DUTY PAID – Dream Blunt Rotation
Kø-lab – Fucked Up (Original Mix)
DXPE – Once Again
Dissolver – Dungeons, Dragons, & Dr. Phil
Rask – Artsyficial Intelligence
Mark Dekoda – Akuma
Zeltak – Acid Opera
Desire – Lumiere (MZA Remix)
Sindex – Sangla


Take Me Higher w/ Sukkube & SNKLS – 14/11/2023


Sukkube (liveset) :

No playlist


Strahinja Arbutina_Obsessed with the bullshit
J-Shadow_Non-Euclidean Fantasy
J-Shadow_The end of all physical form
DJ Strawberry_Dance/Music ( TEACHI remix)
Basic Rhythm_The fire Within
Fourtwenty Sound_Psicoverso
Lemon D_City Lights


Scandal w/ Barbara Pleaser – 07/11/2023

Scandal is a determined practitioner amidst the wave of global female empowerment. From Shanghai, China, she is an electronic music label, aiming to discover, support, and promote female power in the local underground club scene. Founded in January 2021, the label has till now released two all-female lineup compilations, featuring both new sounds in response to open calls and tracks by local veterans. Scandal regularly hosts music production and DJ workshops, hoping to build a more inclusive and vibrant space for creative exchange and encourage more women to experience the joy of creativity through electronic music production.

Barbara Pleaser (dia/they) is a neurodivergence transmasculine feminine-presenting multidisciplinary artist. In 2014, they co-founded an Anarchoqueer Punk unit named BANANACH as singer-songwriter. They have been working oƴ-stage as Stage Manager, Assistant Director, and Choreographer on theater, film, and festival productions since 2012. With the Indonesian Nonbinary Forum, they are practicing community-care around South East Asia.
High intensity like a wild rollin’pangolin, their DJ mixes are the many range of Ambiance, Trance, hXc, nXc, Speedcore, Drum n Bass/Jungle, World Hardcore, World Bass, and a little bit of Techno and Fast House – hailing from 80 bpm to 250 bpm. The words that can define their mixes are: Euphoric, Energetic, Cunty, and Sentimental.

Basically this mixtape has a very nostalgic vibe of the songs that we grew up listening to with a sprinkle of vibe towards the incidents that we have to criticize on a daily basis as living a queer lifestyle in Indonesia.
We believe that every little amount of queer joy saves life. It’s pretty hard these days for us because generally the government puts us in hypervisibility as the Presidential Election is coming up next year and it is used as an issue by the political parties to gain votes – religion has a strong value in this country and it affects the moral compass that the system wants. A Large number of people from different islands in this country are experiencing queer migration to Bali during the pandemic. These issues and gentrification of tourism affected our community’s stability in many different aspects, including the little amount of venues that can contain queer nightlife that leads to more homophobia, queerphobia, and classism of nightlife entertainment.
We try to create our way to thrive through creating a memorable set that is funny and banging, as genuine queer raves for the community are not happening so often. Please excuse my sloppy mixing, sometimes my emotion gets me hehe.


Blooming Hour w/ Soggy – 02/11/2023

Blooming Hour begins gently and ends heavy, taking the listener from tender grooves to the pits of bass-driven club music.

Blooming Hour is hosted by squish, who grew up in Hong Kong and is now based in Seoul. Over lockdown, she fell into a hole of breaks, jungle, and garage and never quite recovered.

Growing up alone in a harsh environment, Cold Hippie developed an uncanny resilience. The vast expanse of icy tundra became his playground, and the shimmering glaciers his companions. In this frozen solitude, he found solace in the whispers of the Arctic winds and the dancing lights of the Aurora Australis.

Together, they are Soggy.


Club愛 [ai] with lindsay losam/ seximalism – 01/11/2023

SOPHIE – L.O.V.E (saintmatan remix)
lana del rey – A&W (CyberKills remix)
megan thee stallion – thot shit (TAAHLIAH edit)
charli xcx – enemy (ID Twins remix)
losam – n_then_we…kiss<3
addison rae – 2 die 4 (danyo remix)
caroline polachek – sunset (säfira remix)
charli xcx + kelis + benny benassi – focus on my satisfaction (CordiaLump edit)
lindsay lohan – xanax (arca remix)

  1. Charlie XCX – Unlock it (Bulma & Kurama x Miss Jay)
  2. ℳαмї Ḳ ✝️ε ℃ґ℮℮ †εηℊ◎ €ℓ ℙʊґε ϟ◎ƴ Ṳη ฿ß – (Oblinof Edit)
  3. 100 gecs – hand crushed by a mallet (zero 2 euro remix)
  4. zpectrum – SOPHIE’s Worldz
  5. DRESPHERE – Deize Na Marca
  6. SOPHIE – Ponyboy (Arkhan & Gabeln Remix)
  7. Alice Longyu Gao, Fraxiom – I <3 Harajuku [texas baby jamster ringtone]
  8. CAN A BITCH BE ANGRY – Quarantinedansen
  9. Charli XCX – Pink Diamond (RIOTCODE REMIX)
  10. Doja Cat – Agora Hills (Manik Remake)
  12. Azealia Banks – New Bottega (venusflower remix)

Take Me Higher w/ Too Hands & SNKLS – 10/10/2023


Too Hands:

  1. Oatmeal Cookies
  2. Steinway with BMX Pegs
  3. That Little Bird Is A Snitch
  4. NYT Best Cellar
  5. Multiplication Tilde
  6. Ranch Dressing
  7. We’re All Sad About Moog
  8. Fakie Pianoflip
  9. Please Don’t Tell


Sainte Marina_I wear my flesh like a necklace
RRUCCULLA_Arquitectura Capilar
Sébastien Forrester_Iffy
Liliane Chlela_Jurk
Quartz_Switchblade Groove
Vladislav Delay_Tweets
Griigg_Sour Smash
Alec Ampire_Don’t talk about the shit over the phone


Deeper Progressions w/ myni8hte – 10/10/2023

Brand new episode of Deeper Progressions includes chillout, ambient, breaks, progressive and other stylistic assortments, with music from Sine, Warung & Braxton, Sebastian Davidson, Holen, Myon, Tom Liar, ORNICAN, Lamorn, 2bnsn and many more!


  1. Cephas Azariah – Sleep Is Sacrament [Reflections]
  2. Sine – Adrift (Oine Remix) [Sine Music]
  3. Sine vs Alan Walker – Mirror (Alone) (myni8hte Chillout Mashup) [Sine Music/CDr]
  4. Softwaver – The Underworld [Sine Music]
  5. Polyline – Fractured (Ambient Mix) [Sekora]
  6. JES – Forever Young (Sunset Chill Mix) [Black Hole Recordings]
  7. Jan Blomqvist & Malou – Alone [Armada Electronic Elements]
  8. Sebastian Davidson – Feel Good [Armada Chill]
  9. Warung – Falling [Anjunadeep]
  10. Christoph Sebastian Pabst – Chi [Sine Music]
  11. 2bnsn – Daybreak (2023 Reprise) [RockRiverRecords]
  12. Lamorn – Where Am I [mau5trap]
  13. Etza & Enviado Vida – Norte [Monstercat Silk]
  14. Sebastian Davidson – Feel Grey [Armada Chill]
  15. Helen&Boys – Go F* [Armada Electronic Elements]
  16. Holen – Healing [Armada Chill]
  17. Luttrell – Sunrise Song [Anjunadeep]
  18. John Monkman – Shadows Falling (Asriel Mix) [Anjunadeep]
  19. Leaving Laurel – this time last year [Anjunadeep]
  20. Myon – I Come Back To That Place [Ride Recordings]
  21. Braxton & Warung – The Truth [Anjunadeep]
  22. Maywave – Landfall [Euphonic Records]
  23. Deagon – In Your Heart [Enhanced]
  24. Lena Storm – Side Effect (Breaks Mix) [SkyTop]
  25. Van Múrten – This Is Love [Colorize]
  26. Nuage – In The Cold [This Never Happened]
  27. ELEKTRIK BLVNKET – Grounded [Masvingo Recordings]
  28. ORNICAN – Stay [Intricate Records]
  29. Tom Liar – dontknow [Hathōr]
  30. Tom Liar – howfar [Hathōr]
  31. Odd Mob – LEFT TO RIGHT (33 Below Remix) [Tinted/Insomniac]
  32. Trance Wax – Aslan [Armada Music]

WRACK w/ comm – 25/09/2023

This month’s guest mix is by comm. She plays Experimental Club, Hard Drum & Bass Music in this mix.

WRACK [00:00〜]
WRACK – Miburo
Circuit 900 – Fredagsmix
Om Unit & TM404 – Motorway Acid
BLUEM – Angel (Anunaku Remix)
Ghoulish – Voices (feat. Lollie)
Jesse Bru & Max Ulis – Big Chirp (Chrissy Remix)
Kingdom & Rush Davis – Pretty Boy Venom
DJ Q – Love Me Like (feat. Lily Mckenzie & Star.One) [Flava D Remix]
SPD – Off Course
Breaka – Lime Bike Elf Bar
Kaval – Eel Under Rock
Photonz – Orpheus (SHE Spells Doom Remix)
WRACK – Kiraku
Kobe JT – Piece Of Mind
Salute – Feels Like My Hands Are On Fire
WRACK – Hinode

comm [30:20〜]
Zaliva-D – First Snake
Ehua – Roman
Akkord – 3dOS
Granul – Syncopated
OK EG – Filament (Tackle Remix)
La Dame – Watcha Gonna Do (feat. Goldie B)
Wen – Swerv (El-B Remix)
LWS – Seriously Soda
Průvan – Freeze Out
KAVARI – Glass Comb
Leese – Donker Dag:Part II
T5UMUT5UMU – Möbius
Aya Gloomy – CLOUDED
Jennifer Walton – SCALE