Ruminations on Impermanence w/ Opal Beau – 23/03/2022


Luciano Cilio – Primo Quadro
Opal Beau Voice Memo – Looking through my records
Scott Walker – Angels of Ashes
Orfeo Negro OST – Felicidade
Gal Costa – Mae
Sun Ra and His Arkestra – Bimini
HTRK – Punch
Death – Electronic Realisations Chapter 4
Opal Beau Voice Memo – On hold, trying to sort out my sim card
Rufige Kru – T3
CVN – Our Virus
Lionel Hampton – Til You Return
Surgeon – Dialogue (Mick Harris Remake)
Beach House – Gila
Edu Lobo – Zanga, Zangada
Antenna – Rain and Thunder
Inoue Shirabe – Down Into the Black Church
TNT Subhead – Deep Shit Show
Aoki & Sawai – 4tech with pk
London Symphony Orchestra plays Grieg’s Peer Gynt, Morning Mood


天氣報告完畢 6 / SKY•AIR•REPORT•TELL•END•END 6 – 02/01/2022

No tracklist was provided.


天氣報告完畢 / SKY•AIR•REPORT•TELL•END•END 3 – 03/10/2021

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Ruminations on Impermanence by Opal Beau – 21/09/2021

It’s impossible to tell if the quietude and the blank expression on the face of the performer is a sign of relaxation or stress. I’ve learned that whatever sounds peaceful is informed by chaos, and there is always an order underlying the mess. I’ve also learned that it’s never as simple as it seems, especially now. Previously an audience kept the performer company, but now the lounge is empty, the audience is invisible, the performer is alone. This is lounge music for when the lounge is the bedroom, and the studio, and the dining room, etc.

Caetano Veloso – London, London
Opal Beau – Autumn
Twye – Nocturne for Stationary Ones
CVN – 舌下 (Karaoke)
Bebel Gilberto – August Day Song
Other Joe – Somatic
bela – caustic waves
Plasma – Restricted Area (Chill Mix)
7038634357 – Landing
woopheadclrms – korpokkur
Ubu Boi – Hide
Lara K. – There’s a Dying World in Us
Contacto – Losing Hold
Lemongrass – The Bell
Slikback – OPTIMAL
中谷美紀 Miki Nakatani – 雨だれ
Troth – Small Movements in Radiance
èvia – tear hail
Eilien – Dawned
unstabile – capability
Instra:mental – Photograph
sortlegeme – falling
Elis Regina – Ela


Deeper Progressions 014 – 14/09/2021

Brand new episode of Deeper Progressions infuses with chillout, downtempo, progressive breaks, deep progressive and more varieties, including music from Leaving Laurel, Roald Velden, Tagavaka, Direct, Gianmarco Fabbretti, Kaiyan, Angara, Blank Page and more!

Thomas Lemmer & Andreas Bach feat. Valeska Rautenberg – Along The 7 Seas [Sine Music]

Neonica – Slow Down [Suanda Chillout]

Leaving Laurel – maybe we’re different and everything is still the same [Anjunadeep]

Gians – The Waiting/The Meeting [Stellar Limited]

Tom Bro – Time Machine (Pablo Arty Remix) [Soluna Music]
w/ Tom Bro – Time Machine (Gianmarco Fabbretti Remix) [Soluna Music]

Protoculture – Sequence [Armada Music]

Roald Velden – Home [Minded Music]

Leaving Laurel – Through & Through (LL Mix) [Anjunadeep]

Tagavaka – Forms [Anjunadeep]

Kaiyan & EMBLM – River Of Dreams [Colorize]

Lautaro Videla – Noemi [Droid9]

Michael A – Trails [Zephyr Music]

Dubblem & Blank Page – When You See Me (Blank Page’s Sunrise Mix) [Sekora]

Vintage & Morelli x Arielle Maren – Together [Monstercat Silk]

Scorz – That’s Life [Armada Music]

The Khitrov – Do Not Wait [VSA Recordings]

84Bit – In My Arms [Legent Music]

Tom Junior – Move Ya Body [Legent Music]

Leaving Laurel – sometimes it’s scary but it’s still just you and me (LL Mix) [Anjunadeep]

Cressida – Human Imperfection [Monstercat Silk]

A.D.T.P – Invert (Static Guru Remix) [Emotional Content Recordings]

Boy North – Burning Inside [Another Rhythm]

Tagavaka – You Could Be The One [Anjunadeep]

Angara – Rwanda [Monstercat Silk]

GVN & JRJ – Stay [Anjunabeats]

Purple Haze – Faces [Armind Recordings]

Direct – I Know [Monstercat]


天氣報告完畢 / SKY•AIR•REPORT•TELL•END•END 2 – 05/09/2021

No Tracklist was provided.


in REVERSE w/ Alexandra M – 03/08/2021

維也納的 Alexandra M 每月節目帶來新一集節目,揀選來自家鄉奧地利或基地於當地的藝術家的歌曲,11點起收聽!

Alexandra M, based in Vienna is sharing this month the tracks featuring Austrian or Austria based artist like @antoniaxmxm @dorian_concept @rosaanschuetz , @takeshiscashew @wolfram_amadeus and more.

Cid Rim – Genesung

Antonia XM – Intro (Cut and Run)

Dorian Concept – Tried (Now Tired)

Austrian Apparel – Hi Vis 5

Rosa Anschutz – Morph Me

Wolfram – Hyeres Roshi Show

Blacklight Chameleon – Young Summer

Kruder and Dorfmeister – Lovetalk & Deep Shit Pt. 1. and Pt. 2

Takeshi’s Ceshew – There is No Harmony

Giuseppe Leonardi – Syn Koto

B. Visible – Pancakes

Sofie – Happen 2 B There

Falco – Jeanny


天氣報告完畢 / SKY•AIR•REPORT•TELL•END•END – 01/08/2021


No tracklist was provided.


in REVERSE w/ Alexandra M – 06/07/2021

Aleksandra Marr  送上 「in REVERSE」— downtempo、氛圍、balearic 音樂 ,收錄包括@k_lone@djprequel@ishi____vu@giannibrezzo , @elikeszler 的音樂的選曲!

Aleksandra Marr  presents in REVERSE – Selection of downtempo, ambient , balearic tunes with music from @k_lone@djprequel@ishi____vu@giannibrezzo , Eli Keszler

Dreaming Tree – Mazzo
In The Pines – K-Lone
Love is – Prequel , Cazeaux O.S.L.O
Autoscooter Lover – Cass. Gianni Brezzo
Toucan Ocean – Jon Hassell
Chant – Jeff Majors
Sauna Research – Tapes
Era Nova – G. Gill
Kazum-zum-zum- Mario Rui Silva
Sereia Sentimental – Sessa
CROW – Yasuaki Shimizu
Walkman – G.B. Backers
You Left Your Soul Behind – Saskia
God Over Money – Eli Keszler
Brightly burning , yet alone – ishi vu


runs 3 w/ Amal – 28/05/2021

Amal 送上Runs 等三集,播放電子與嘻哈樂輕鬆緩拍的一面。

Runs with Amal episode 3 explores the more ambient, downtempo side of electronic music and hip hop. Sit back relax and enjoy some more toned-down cuts.

No tracklist was provided.