POSTWORLD: personalbrand w/ lloydfears – 21/11/2022

The soundtrack to a better future. This month, the show kicks off with a high-powered live vocal set from lloydfears, celebrating their recent EP release Saint & Ogre.Cover credit: 2wirrallads


Lensk – Latency
YOUTH – Nuclear Winter
Nammy Wams – Skid
Baauer – Magic (clïo edit)
Andy Stott – Selfish
So Solid Crew – Dillema (instrumental)
Alva Noto – Uni Edit
Dale Cornish – Cut
Oli XL – Go Oli go
lloydfears – i Miss U a lottt
Proxytm – Who Want Smoke
GYRO! – Death March
lloydfears – Self-Soothe (spaceship)

Undrwght – Desvelado
Ptwiggs – Without
tropical interface – softm
Dave – Location
Felicity Yang – RN
фанкшн – softyd
Tufi Meme – La Yeti
Headie One – Both
Ziyiz – Please
crat – Angelic train
Scintii – Times New Roman (Mechatok Remix)
Walton – Rewind Riddim
2x-n & Gyur – Antagonizer
Jaheim – Just In Case (pb nvr2brlsd garridge mangle)


Island of Angels: Zero Castigo (ft. Tenkah) & Mark Allen Soul – 10/11/2022

Island Of Angels is a radio show hosted by Mark Allen Soul that seeks to generate a sonic journey through the emotions that harbors repetition and rest in music. A sound island inhabited by angels that will provide the perfect soundtrack to the moments of solitude of everyday life.

Qué oscura la salida
que de hiedra
se ve escondida
y qué extraño
que sea mi suerte
lo que hay detrás
de esa puerta cerrada

This month on Island of Angels, Zero Castigo @zerocastigo and Tenkah @tenkah join forces and take a deep journey into their favorite chill tunes. Cold and nostalgic autumn vibes guaranteed, including songs by CFCF, dj lostboi or Zero Castigo herself. Afterwards, Mark Allen Soul @markallensoul takes control with a small bunch of songs looped over and over, like a long hallway full of doors. Unlock them one by one, to find the same things again, but new… like an arcade video game of sounds!

This Wednesday stream your monthly dose of Island of Angels on @hkcronline .

Zero Castigo: 00:00 – 27:00
Zero Castigo – Yen
Cotton Mouth – FDD+F
Dj lostboi – pet shop b
Scott Walker – VOXLUX (Opening Credits)
Tenshi No Tamago – Angel’s Egg (Main Theme)
Koreless – Frozen
Otro – Dance of The Young
The Satellites – Wayward Pup
Cotton Mouth – Teacup
CFCF – Life is Perfecto
Zero Castigo – Enum

Mark Allen Soul: 27:00 – 54:00
011668 – os / love never dies
Whispering Sea – 417hz Facilitating Change
To Rococo Rot – Die Dinge des Lebens
Léo Hoffsaes & Lolo Retina – 11 am
Bvdub – You will know where to find me
Leandro Fresco – La Edad de Oro
Leandro Fresco – Sol de Medianoche (ft. Gustavo Cerati)
Alcest – Sur l’ocean Couleur de Fleur


Primordial Om w/ CNDSD & KOI b2b P.O. – 08/11/2022

The Third show of Primordial Om with the abstract and experimental sound of México…for the first half hour, you will be listening the ambient selection of the house. Then, there will be a recorded live performance by “CNDS”, presented at soundplusmx, called “Hirajoshi Wabi, an immersive sound experience, a 12 multichannel live coding set. And the second hour of the show, b2b action with me and “KOI”.

No tracklist was provided.


Cultivate Nothing w/ Noooodle King – 20/10/2022

This episode we will share the music we recently loved.


Track List:
KOKOKO! – Likolo
Sarah Davachi – Hall Of Mirrors
Carmen Villain – A Year Ago
Adam Pits – Element X (Priori Remix)
picnic – dilly bar
Pontiac Streator – Purp Thread (feat. Ben Bondy)
Hélène Vogelsinger – Lightworker
Sam Prekop – Fall is Farewell
EXCPT – Place For Your Ads
Andy Stott – Sleepless
Sindh – Ashvamedha


XAN – 18/10/22

No tracklist was provided.


POSTWORLD: personalbrand w/Tangbosh – 17/10/2022 HQ

The soundtrack to a better future. This month, personalbrand welcomes Tangbosh, a key figure in the Kazakhstani electronic music scene as a member of the forward-thinking ZVUK collective and founder of the MOBILESUBURB label.


whiterose – Ravx
Guim & John Heaven – Latido Infinito
Sapphir22 – Brujonaso
doXa & Kilbourne – Tbuf
Cromby – Follow the Bass
Toxe – Anim
RDK – Godogodo
luxxuryproblems – Scene Change
Objekt – Bad Apples
Osheyack – Edging
Omega Sapien & Machine Girl – Chu Chu (Machine Girl Remix)
Omega Sapien – Plum (feat. Sega Bodega)

Elvin Brandhi – THIS FUNK8
Farsight x TenTwentySeven – On The Outs
Dianna Excel – Vantania
Bapari – Thrust
Ice_Eyes – Hyperbox
Subtlevis – Raveon
Noria Lilt – Undulating Blooms
𝙨𝙘𝙣𝙙𝙥𝙝𝙖𝙨𝙚 – Second
lilbabysal – give it time
Teya Logos – Mother Devours


R000000M w/ FARWARMTH – 05/10/2022

In R000000M’s October show, she invites FARWARMTH to bring a half-hour mix trying to weave some sort of storytelling. However, what the story is about is up to each listener. Following FARWARMTH’s mix, R000000M concludes the show with her mix dissolving the unexplainable grief and anguish. Cover art by FARWARMTH.

  1. Tracklist:

00:00 ~ 30:00 : FARWARMTH’s mix.

Nine Inch Nails – 01 Ghosts I
lilya – a train of ur thoughts
Kings Of Convenience – Cayman Islands
Marina Herlop – abans abans
Contacto – RIVER
Jaco Pastorius – Portrait of Tracy
Oneohtrix Point Never – The Pure and the Damned
Keiichi Okabe – Aethervox (Drakengard 3 OST)
Adios Adios – Dolores Canta Tras La Derrota
Placebo – Because i want you (Redux)

30:00 ~ end : R000000M’s mix.

Hunt – The Same Moon
Internazionale – And For All She Never Forgave
pentu – Could Have Been
neverendings – Swimming Circles
Angelo Harmsworth – Pharmacy Angel
maje – Sukin
Adios Adios – To Weave A Shade
tumy – Sigh
caterina barbieri – Life at Altitude
frost.y – peace of mind (energy)
innerinnerlife – alone
Subletvis – May You
gen4 – Cry Wish
OHS – Sin After Sin
User2222 – Fly Away (Without You)


Gussief1 With Friends – 30/09/2022

This show is so big, it’s wild.

Gussief1 w/ CDR, disfigured robot child, daisy11, djhund, dj [redacted], duncedog, FingerGap, Golem, Jerome, Lady Marmaduke, MAETHESA, Mom$, mothmanlives,, nchd, PHIROZA, Robin Bueno, XAN, XUSTRIST

You wish, could you imagine


Fast Travel w/ Zeze Wakamatsu – 27/09/2022

A few months ago I worked on a remix for Zeze Wakamatsu’s Loomer released on @music_is_records
this time on my Fifth episode of monthly radio ‘Fast Travel’ on @hkcronline I invited Japanese ambient musician and soundscape artist @zezehz for an hour-long mix of chilling down.

With a focus on warmth and immersion Tokyo soundscape artist, composer, producer, and a dog lover Zeze Wakamatsu fuses subtle elements, experimental sensibilities and field recordings to create soundscape that reaches each listener’s sense of nostalgia.

“I want to realize the spectacular and the subtle, I want to know the unknown and hear the unheard.”

1) Zeze Wakamatsu – お野菜の神さま(vege sinto god)
2) Zeze Wakamatsu – Implicit Fantasy
3) Zeze Wakamatsu – Curtain Seller
4) Zeze Wakamatsu – no title
5) Zeze Wakamatsu – Loomer
6) Zeze Wakamatsu – Concert in the Tortoiseshell
7) Zeze Wakamatsu – 心臓のすぐ近くの(Heart Beat)
8) Dronny Darko & Erico Wakamatsu – Love Morph
9) Zeze Wakamatsu – Fog Diver
10) Zeze Wakamatsu – Loomer (Bios Contrast Remix)

  • Additional field recordings in Japan

ENDLESS RETURN IN RETROGRADE w/ ‘IPv1 [Not Detected]’ by Ïrving Paul Pereira – 26/09/2022

“Ïrving Paul Pereira’s sound is a cryptographic puzzle that intimates the existence of all things etheric. Discomfiting, elusive and otherworldly. Paul’s invocations tune the synapses, static swarms abound, rewiring our brains to tap into subtler energies. Beyond the dust reveals subtle terraforming of a complex architecture.”  – XUE/Endless Return

No tracklist was provided.