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evicshen & Alex C

放送evicshen以及來自紐約的 Alex C 的演出!Performance by evicshen and Alex C from New York!


runs w/ Amal – 30/03/2021

Amal @_amaldc (hochi runs @hochiruns) 送上全新每月節目「runs」!揀選播放新一代的 Hardcore 音樂!

Amal @_amaldc (hochi runs @hochiruns ) presents runs! – a monthly dive into the new generation of hardcore!

This month we focus on the harder side of the club and afro rave.

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Hiro Kone – 29/03/2021

Senyawa – Alkisah II (Jad Atoui Remix)

Lighght – vectors: known and unknown

Okkyung Lee – in stardust (for kang kyung-ok)

Lucrecia Dalt – Cao

Model Home + Saint Abdullah – output 1-2

Muqata’a – Bilharf Alwahad بالحَرف الواحَد

Lyra Pramuk – Tendril

object blue – Fugitive’s Flourish

Forest Management – 29690

Claire Rousay – peak chroma

Avola – Into The Fold

Neo Geodesia – Fanta Rouge

Russell Ellington Langston Butler – DM Slipper

Bamboo Mystics – Lucid Hunter (Musica Medicina)


Orchestral Manouevres In The Dark – Neu

Ancient Plastix – Late Summer Low

Senyawa – Istana

Faye Wong – 知己知彼


evicshen & Alex C – 26/03/2021


@evicshen 電台時間!放送她以及來自紐約的 Alex C 的演出!

Radio hour with @evicshen, featuring performance by herself and Alex C from New York!


Syntax Erika – 27/03/2021

@ambientflux 的主理人—@syntaxerika 為我們今天的客席主持!送上一個實驗電子音樂選曲組成的混音帶!

Labelhead of @ambientflux@syntaxerika is going live! Sharing with us a mix of experimental contemporary electronic music, most of them where the synths appear showing patterns that create an interesting atmosphere, where natural sounds are mixed with synthetic sounds like Syntax Erika often does recently in her latest mixes.

With a stunning tracklist of producers that she likes a lot and tracks by her within this mix, one of two tracks is an unreleased that will soon be available in a VA.

“Special thanks to Hamtsuki who shared with me his stunning latest album which will soon be released on the Mind Controlled Rectifier label.” 

Syntax Erika is an experimental artist in contemporary electronic music and mediascape.

She is currently exploring the strata of sound, the artifacts of sound that become concepts that shift to abstract sounds.

She is incorporating elements of dark ambient, field recordings, industrial strength drones, art-techno, noise, and synth experimentation into her work. She works and lives between Mexico and Barcelona.

Ambient flux d^_^b is a record label run by Syntax Erika.

rkss – Pack In This Series, Which Consist Of 460 Mb Pure, Massive Prime-time Progressive, Electro Sounds, Combined In 10 Construction Kits
Syntax Erika – Digital Naturalism
Syntax Erika – A Garden of After-image [Unreleased track out soon in a compilation]
Eli Keszler – French Lick
Kara-Lis Coverdale – 2c
a0n0 – 20210224e
Hamatsuki – 03 Jx3p srisdasris [Unreleased track, Mind Controlled Rectifier]
james K – Everyrose
rkss – `(wavs + Midis) . Incognet Big & Fat Edm Kick Pack Consist Of 583 Mb Fresh, Pure, Prime-time, Quality Samples, Combined In 10
M.E.S.H. – Kritkal & X
Suzanne Ciani – Fish Music
Caterina Barbieri – Fantas
Christina Kubisch – Security


Hyperculture 06 ft. BSX – 27/03/2021

由 @sunshinevendetta 主持的 @hyperbassrecords 節目 Hyperculture 邀請 BSX!

Hosted by @sunshinevendetta@hyperbassrecords invites BSX!

No tracklist was provided.

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