Empyrean w/ Mother Vienna – 30/10/2021

This month, lvcefecit gathers with virginia aveline to bring mother vienna for a show. Celebrating fall & Halloween spirits, it’s an invitation for vulnerability, turning pitch black into light. 

Bvdub, Loscil – Hypnos

Eurythmics – Here Comes the Rain Again (Acapella Vocal Mix 121 BPM)

Edith Underground – Born From A Wish

Miranda Sex Garden – A Fairytale About Slavery

Vintage TV Music Box (London Bridge is Falling Down)

Schacke – Underworld (Gothic Decay)

Ivankovà – Magik

Volunteer Coroner – A Token Saved From A Previous Life

Bashar Suleiman, Olan Monk, Lil Asaf – T7KINI

Holy Haunted Head – Sister Mary

Kites – Bike Ride PT. III

Neutral Milk Hotel – No Ones Going To Change My Mind

Joel Gloria – Yes I’m Your Big Joke

Glochids – (null gong)

Tucker Theodore – Apologies

Grog Organ – Dark Dream

Thanksgiving – Weeping

Tom Kraines – Sendero 5

Willy Anderson – untitled

Horse Jumper of Love – Heaven

Waveform* – Dove

Adult Jazz – (cry for time off)

angels cant see – i dont want to see anything


YANLING: Cito Longe Tarde – 30/10/2021

CLT stands for Cito Longe Tarde “Come early, stay long, leave late.”This is an art piece produced as a public installation in the south of France in Toulouse during the  “Le Printemps de septembre“ art festival, 2021.
I’ve created 7 different drone soundscapes. Between them, you can hear snippets from selected techno tracks that feature deep pounding bass that creeps in very slowly. It gives you the feeling of being a very long distance away from the sound source of this bass. This piece is meant to remind the viewer of the quietness during the pandemic when public gatherings and music events were prohibited.

Produced in collaboration with the artist Emilie Ding

Yanling – Drone #01Batu – Zoo Hypothesis
Bas Mooy – Fantoompijn
Yanling – Drone #02
Phara – Life of Krumar
Yanling – Drone #03
Yanling – Drone #04
Lazarus – W16
Yanling – Drone #05
Deapmash – Penta (Cleric Remix)
Vladislav Delay – Raajat
Yanling – Drone #06
Kronom – Trial Behold
Yanling – Drone #07



Episode keempat mendendangkan lagu Kabata Nawasamar dari Banda Neira, puisi Aku Ingin karya Sapardi Djoko Damono dalam bahasa LGBTQI+, suara burung Iberomesornis Romerali dan Longipteryx Chaoyangensis yang telah punah, rekaman pertunjukan musik-puisi Taluart —kolektif seniman dan pandai besi asal Sigi – Sulawesi Tengah, musik dari Dewa Alit & Gamelan Salukat, Uwalmassa, komposisi musik artificial intelligence dari Raung Jagat Synthetic, lagu 28 Novembru dari Maubere Timor, seri terakhir musik naratif karya Jack Body, lagu Dedare Tanjung dari Sundancer, beberapa sound design dan field recording karya Bona Zustama dan Vandy Rizaldi. Musik tema Radio Isolasido diciptakan oleh Asep Nayak, produser musik Wisisi dari Wamena, Papua.

Ilustrasi karya Galih Johar.


Episode 4 sings the ritual song Kabata Nawasamar from Banda Neira, poem ‘Aku Ingin’ by Sapardi Djoko Damono in LGBTQI+ slangs, the sounds of the extinct birds Iberomesornis Romerali and Longipteryx Chaoyangensis, music-poetry performances from Taluart —a collective of artists and blacksmiths from Sigi – Central Sulawesi, music by Dewa Alit & Gamelan Salukat, Uwalmassa, artificial intelligence music composition from Raung Jagat Synthetic, song ‘28 Novembru’ from Maubere Timor, the last series of narrative music by Jack Body, song Dedare Tanjung by Sundancer, several sound designs and field recordings by Bona Zustama and Vandy Rizaldi. Radio Isolasido’s theme music was composed by Asep Nayak, a Wisisi music producer from Wamena, Papua.


Hepple – 29/10/2021

No tracklist was provided.


Resistance Radio – 29/10/2021

Tracklist :

  1. No Spiritual Surrender – Intro
  2. DJ Normal 4 – Purity 0% 
  3. Escape Earth – Gravity Well 
  4. Luca Lozano – The Path Of Most Resistance 
  5. Special Request – Peak Dub 
  6. Anz – Loos In Twos (NRG)
  7. DiSKOP – Bright Past 
  8. Brame & Hamo – Dial Up 
  9. Brame & Hamo – Waves Reach 
  10. Nathan Micay- The Party We Could Have  
  11. Because of Art – Elevate (Extended Mix) 
  12. Tunnelvisions – Rain Dance 
  13. Dusky – Static 
  14. Bicep – Glue 
  15. Kev Sheridan – It’s Gonna Be Perfect 


[Berlian] 00:00 – 31:47
1) Alpha Tracks – Mind Over Mayhem
2) DJ Ibon – Prepping For Hope
3) GINA – Her Alchemy
4) Matriark – Use Your Mind
5) @pat_16120 – let there be friendship
6) DEV – A Pink Kite

[DJ Waste] 31:47 – 52:00
1) Dark0 – Shining Star
2) Varg2TM & Bladee – SHINIE
3) VTSS – Atlantyda
4) Randomer – Stigma
5) D.Dan – OOOO


Dead Inside Podcasts Presents: Sounds of a Post Apocalyptic Landscape by The Analog Girl – 29/10/21

This mix depicts a scene out of a futuristic, acid purple-hued, post-apocalyptic world where a traveller looks out from a moving train onto a landscape that alternates between desolate and new life emerging.


Oneohtrix Point Never – Physical Memory

Grimes – So Heavy I Fell Through The Earth (Algorithm Mix)

Shigeaki Saegusa – Startrek

Johnny Jewel – Digital Rain

Steven Halpern – Seventh Chakra Keynote B (Violet)

Tame Impala – Gossip

070 Shake – Guilty Conscience (Instrumental Selections)

Men I Trust – Organon

Yuko Araki – Moonstroke in the Mountain

Autechre – lux 106 mod

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Rare Things Grow

black midi – Diamond Stuff

Alice Coltrane – The Sun

Portishead – Biscuit

Burial – Dolphinz

The Observatory – Headworm (The Analog Girl’s Vapours Rising Remix)

A.G. Cook – Lifeline

Groove Armada – At The River


CC:Chances in Chaos ”Souma’s song” w/ LALA – 28/10/2021

Bach – Air on the G String
Female Prisoner #701 Jailhouse 41 Ending
Tech Level 2 – Returned To The Depths
Homemade Weapons – Heiress
Ping 900 – Cuban Chamber of Commerce
Skullhacker Mick Gordon (Estoc edit)
Noisuf-X – The Typical Fuck You Song
HRD.303 – Finish Him (MORSURE Remix)
OFK – Frustration [Arboretum]
Sorcery – On the Bias
T5UMUT5UMU – Shadow
I Hate Models – You Are Not Alone
ITNA – I Don’t Care
NKC – Nerve Plant
JKS – Firedance
Hellraiser: Hellseeker –
Welcome to the worst nightmare of all… Reality
PLEXØS – Staring At The Picture (KØZLØV Remix)
Or – Locked Club
Donna Haringwey – Cybersadism
Detroit’s Filthiest – Scared 2 Death
Phase Fatale – Polystyrene
Lady Dead – All I Need 


IA w/ Motimer Hesper – 28/10/2021

‘Sex aggression, love and pleasure’

1.Anita Lane – Sexual Healing
2.Mylene Farmer – Beyond My Control
3.Chris & Cosey – Take Control
4.The Creatures – Prettiest Thing
5.PATRIARCHY- Hell Was Full
6.Malaria! – Keep Me in Love
7.Patti Smith – Dancing Barefoot
8.Michelle Gurevich – Kiss in Taksim Squar
9.Adult. – Lovely Love
10.Donovan – I Am The Shaman
11.Laurie Anderson – Bodies in Motion
12.Gudrun Gut – Pleasuretrain
13.Jarboe – Warm Liquid Event (feat. Larry Seven)14.Mortimer Hesper – Wet Dream


Gussief1 – 28/10/2021

No tracklist was provided.