Island of Angels: Zero Castigo (ft. Tenkah) & Mark Allen Soul – 10/11/2022

Island Of Angels is a radio show hosted by Mark Allen Soul that seeks to generate a sonic journey through the emotions that harbors repetition and rest in music. A sound island inhabited by angels that will provide the perfect soundtrack to the moments of solitude of everyday life.

Qué oscura la salida
que de hiedra
se ve escondida
y qué extraño
que sea mi suerte
lo que hay detrás
de esa puerta cerrada

This month on Island of Angels, Zero Castigo @zerocastigo and Tenkah @tenkah join forces and take a deep journey into their favorite chill tunes. Cold and nostalgic autumn vibes guaranteed, including songs by CFCF, dj lostboi or Zero Castigo herself. Afterwards, Mark Allen Soul @markallensoul takes control with a small bunch of songs looped over and over, like a long hallway full of doors. Unlock them one by one, to find the same things again, but new… like an arcade video game of sounds!

This Wednesday stream your monthly dose of Island of Angels on @hkcronline .

Zero Castigo: 00:00 – 27:00
Zero Castigo – Yen
Cotton Mouth – FDD+F
Dj lostboi – pet shop b
Scott Walker – VOXLUX (Opening Credits)
Tenshi No Tamago – Angel’s Egg (Main Theme)
Koreless – Frozen
Otro – Dance of The Young
The Satellites – Wayward Pup
Cotton Mouth – Teacup
CFCF – Life is Perfecto
Zero Castigo – Enum

Mark Allen Soul: 27:00 – 54:00
011668 – os / love never dies
Whispering Sea – 417hz Facilitating Change
To Rococo Rot – Die Dinge des Lebens
Léo Hoffsaes & Lolo Retina – 11 am
Bvdub – You will know where to find me
Leandro Fresco – La Edad de Oro
Leandro Fresco – Sol de Medianoche (ft. Gustavo Cerati)
Alcest – Sur l’ocean Couleur de Fleur


Cultivate Nothing w/ Noooodle King – 20/10/2022

This episode we will share the music we recently loved.


Track List:
KOKOKO! – Likolo
Sarah Davachi – Hall Of Mirrors
Carmen Villain – A Year Ago
Adam Pits – Element X (Priori Remix)
picnic – dilly bar
Pontiac Streator – Purp Thread (feat. Ben Bondy)
Hélène Vogelsinger – Lightworker
Sam Prekop – Fall is Farewell
EXCPT – Place For Your Ads
Andy Stott – Sleepless
Sindh – Ashvamedha


Messages From The Stars w/ YOZY – 17/10/2022

Stars are messaging us during nighttime, they say we must keep going, now i can see everything more clearly. 

YOZY – Intro x Oklou (mashup)
Sega Bodega – Salv goes to Hollywood
Mika Oki – As clean as i was
Odete – Summer walker interrupted by the voices in my head
Beatrix Weapons – Cyber ancestor
Vampi x Rattlesnakke – Angel
CATNAPP – Slow 2k20 version (Bungalovv remix)
7038634357 – No hate is a cold star
Mark Allen Soul – I lost us
Air – Alone in kyoto
Prise de risque – y2k
Leop4rdi – love means (ft lil rhiz0me)
Semka – Heartbroken
avril23 – what’s good (europa nightdrive mix)
Stone (soichi 芳芽 Remix)
Kimo ota, sharla – Let me be with you
digifae feat diana starshine & galen tipton – i like that
Emma dj – An open letter to the city of Tallahassee
Yung Lean – Gold
Grasps – Awake, blessed
Quit life – Don’t be sad


Tension w/ P3RY – 06/10/2022

Tracklist :
LORN – Yesterday’s Pain
comanavago – crying on the kitchen floor (susperil remix)
Chee – Lid on the squid
Polyscream – userland
Montell2099 x Juelz – Tested (Star Monster Alkaholiks Edit)
ZLEN – Skatter
Christian Rich – Cactus Flowers [Enigma Bootleg]
Lizdek – MUCUS (Karraki Remix)
Frequent – Moth Chamber
Magnetude – Falling
AKOV – The Hunt
Evol Intent, UFO!, Nerd Rage – Offworld Trenches feat. UFO! & Nerd Rage
anti_negative – unburial.rites
EPROM – Daemon Veil
Boombox Cartel – Reaper (feat. JID) [Monty & Visages Remix]
Protial – Tell You
Misanthrop – Feel
P3RY – Unleashed
Hive – Paradrenasite
RX Y – Salt (Tom Finster RMX)
Skrillex, Noisia, josh pan & Dylan Brady – Supersonic (Nitepunk Remix)
AKOV & Pluvio – Equilibrium
Monty – Monty & Visages – Hardware Feat. PAV4N & Strategy
Mulii x SNM – Motorola (Chee Remix)


R000000M w/ FARWARMTH – 05/10/2022

In R000000M’s October show, she invites FARWARMTH to bring a half-hour mix trying to weave some sort of storytelling. However, what the story is about is up to each listener. Following FARWARMTH’s mix, R000000M concludes the show with her mix dissolving the unexplainable grief and anguish. Cover art by FARWARMTH.

  1. Tracklist:

00:00 ~ 30:00 : FARWARMTH’s mix.

Nine Inch Nails – 01 Ghosts I
lilya – a train of ur thoughts
Kings Of Convenience – Cayman Islands
Marina Herlop – abans abans
Contacto – RIVER
Jaco Pastorius – Portrait of Tracy
Oneohtrix Point Never – The Pure and the Damned
Keiichi Okabe – Aethervox (Drakengard 3 OST)
Adios Adios – Dolores Canta Tras La Derrota
Placebo – Because i want you (Redux)

30:00 ~ end : R000000M’s mix.

Hunt – The Same Moon
Internazionale – And For All She Never Forgave
pentu – Could Have Been
neverendings – Swimming Circles
Angelo Harmsworth – Pharmacy Angel
maje – Sukin
Adios Adios – To Weave A Shade
tumy – Sigh
caterina barbieri – Life at Altitude
frost.y – peace of mind (energy)
innerinnerlife – alone
Subletvis – May You
gen4 – Cry Wish
OHS – Sin After Sin
User2222 – Fly Away (Without You)



[IRYS] 0:00 – 14:55

ssaliva + sky h1 – dooms
veracocha – carte blanche (toneshifterz remix)
inhuman – shape the future + chief keef – randomly
eyerate – violent by nature
five star hotel – rust belt
bulma – iron pump
Irys – shard1
hellb3nt – ruin
sglily – burn (ft buffalobang)

————— B2B —————–

[DJ WASTE] 14:55 – 30:00

ultra yung sherm remix
DJH, sv1 – inklings
yabujin – hardstyle drill 2009
user2222 – audemar
daemon, xzavier stone – thankful


Gussief1 w/ RINGSNOT, ug0001, djhund – 30/08/2022

Imagine Gus actually having or submitting a tracklist (couldn’t be him)


HECK – 24/08/2022

HECK is the fashion industry’s go-to music collaborator. With campaigns for Fendi, Vivienne Westwood & Chanel under his name, HECK’s distinctive style and sound is establishing itself. Blending interests from hip-hop to hyperpop, HECK’s unique selections, mixed with unique original productions, have featured on global stations such as NTS, Refuge Worldwide & more


HECK – Wow, OK
UMRU – Honest (Ft. Cecile Believe)
Gud & Whitearmour – Frutta E Verdura
Oneohtrix Point Never – Chrome Country
Tendai – Lately
HECK – backwards facing (Ft. Badrr)
Erika De Casier – Puppy Love
Tama gucci – Online
Matt Lamb – Rain
HECK – beat4tape
The Postal Service – Brand New Colony
Oklou – girl on my throne (Ft. Casey MQ)
Garbage administration – HEARTACHE HEAL3R
DEAN BLUNT – Deep (Ft. Arca)
Gud – key out the moon
Tirzah – Beating
3Phaz – Cluster Drum
Iglooghost – Pure Grey Circle
IDER – Waiting 17 03


ShatterWave w/ Bilal S – 11/08/2022


mica levi – love

pauline anna strom – marking time

laurie spiegel – drums

mort garson – music to soothe the savage snake plant

aphex twin – #20

ana roxanne – a study in vastness

gas – pop 4

sunn o))) & boris – akuma no kuma

mico – pulso corrupto

donato dozzy – vaporware 01

abul mogard – half light of dawn

huerco s – promises of fertility

yves tumor – limerence

sky h1 – huit

boris – farewell

lucrecia dalt – tar (jan jelinek remix)


Encrypted Voicemail w/ Schacke – 10/08/2022


Enya – Aldebaran
Firaasbeats – Myladybetrippinsometimes
Burial – Nightmarket
Dinamarca – En Las Nubes
Casey MQ – Bipp Cover
John Beltran – Faux
Depressed Teenager – Guccizone
Dj Victor Borge – Torn 10


drumloop- sentence
VISIO- Extasi Exile
Kali Malone- Living Torch II
FINAL- Untitled 3
broken pillar- unreleased
Angelo Harmsworth- Drag Net Capture
Zero Kama- Atavism Dream
club recording