Hiro Kone – 28/08/2020

化名 Hiro Kone的音樂人及制作人原名 Nicky Mao, 長大於香港並現居紐約。2012 年起其作品發表於 Bitterroots ,Geographic North,BANK Records NYC,RVNG Intl 和 Dais Records 等。

Hiro Kone  is Nicky Mao, a musician and producer. Now based in New York City, Hiro Kone spent majority of her childhood in Hong Kong. Since 2012, she has been releasing her works on serveral labels including Bitterroots, Geographic North, BANK Records NYC, RVNG Intl and most recently on Dais Records.

Hiro Kone – Between Breath and Rage
HPRIZM – In Habit
LXV – Fyzz
Lacan – On Death
Nick Klein & Wilted Woman – Cafe Music 2: Werewolves of London
Chaperone – Love at Zero
Aya Metwalli – Beitak
Asthyna -3
Jad Atoui & Jawad Nawfal – Dubbed waldorf
Russell Ellington Langston Butler – It’s a Flex to Cry in Another Country I GUESS
shushu -So Sick of Lif3
Saint Abdullah – Abadan Don
NKISI – stars are fading
AceMo – Passion
Lil Asaf – 3wwe (prod. Khadije)
Robin S – Show Me Love (Tonka’s Pianomission Rmx)
Lila Tirando a Violeta – Maldoror ft. Nick León & PRJCTN
Bookworms – Sample 14
Løt.te – Hülya’s Eye
Raymond Haddad – Disrupted Flight
Drew McDowall – Abandoned Object (Via App Remix)
Moor Mother & Yatta – Warriors of Our Dreams
Martial Canterel – Naplo 1
Shackleton/Zimpel – Primal Forms


7th Heaven w/ et aliae – 28/08/2020

et aliae 開始她的節目「7th Heaven」,一小時的聲音混沌中夾雜著既使人亢奮又令你心有觸動的選曲;充滿了具實驗性的舞池炸彈,和有待被重新發掘的隱世作品等。

et aliae presents 7th Heaven: an hour of chaos, bliss and euphoria; serving up experimental dancefloor cuts, unknown gems and more.

hav lyfe – she started off bashful
500 – Crisis Victim
SHALT – Unlast
CYPHR – A Constant Desire to Consume
Kamixlo x Estoc – Error
Kid Antoine – Seek
Le Dom – Side Quest
ThugWidow – Dominion
ang3lph4se – wishs revealed
FlökosH & Evaa – Livid
Shygirl x Arca – unconditional
Knut Vandekerhove – When I Grow Up
Exploited Body – Dysphoria
Slikback – SENSHI
Toxe – Bite
Varg ft. AnnaMelina – Stonewall Poem
Lanark Artefax – Voices Near The Hypocentre
himera – voicenote (sv1 Remix)
Dint – Hooker (OAKE Remix)
Evian Christ – Waterfall
KABLAM – Choking
Svengali – Active Denial System
Krolik – Away With Pleasure
Imaabs – 1030
J Silwa – Maternal Immortality
User 296537298 – swampwater in a googdle server (with frogs)
Kamixlo – Angélico
Migos FT. Lil Uzi Vert – Bad & Boujee (O S GODFORSAKEN EDIT)
Aquarian – Hate Is a Strong Word, Pt. 1
AYA – iinnnn mm m my y yy ww wwaa y yyy


Gong Projekt w/ Dong Zhou – 27/08/2020

Gong Projekt is established in 2017. It is a community that connects musicians and composer-performers who are interested in interdisciplinary performance and Chinese ethnic culture. The core members of it are Dong Zhou and Shiwen Wang, they compose, perform and improvise with different artists for each concert. Their debut was a series of concerts in the whole July of 2017 in Wilheimsburger Inselpark, Hamburg. Through many attempts and practices, they found their unique way to transform the ethnic culture into contemporary music and performance which they comment and criticize the modern society with.


Loreng – 27/08/2020


Pan Daijing – The Nerve Meter
Senyawa – Kembali Ke Dunia (Return To The World)
Aquarian – Hate Is a Strong Word Pt. 1
Ernestas Sadau – Hiroshima (Acid Breaks Your Body Mix)
Akkord – Folded Edge
Feral Noise – Union Jack
Nurmi – D Hustle
SHYQA – Hiding (333 Boyz Remix)
Galtier – Koll
Kamus – Spanka Clawz
Fear-E – Shout Out To The Dark Soldier
Noire – Rage Riddim
Ovid – Dustbringer
Lastrack – Belsunce Battle Breakdown
Ida Dillan – Persona Non Grata
SAAH – Engage
Lila Tirando a Violeta – Hell’s Tempo ft. Sayveey
Hermeth – Situationship
An Gella – Zen Cell
Erell Ranson – Hand In Hand (Pariah Remix)


The DimSumRecords 東西味道 Show (East West Flavour Show) w/ More Rice Records and Ollie Rant – 27/08/2020

DimSumRecords Presents The East West Flavour Show on HKCR. A 2 hour Showcase Of The Sounds and Energy from both sides. 1 hour of talent we have crossed paths from Asia and the 2nd hour – our friends from where we are based in the UK and across Europe. Feeding our curiosity to discover new sounds, share interesting stories and make new friends.

Episode 001 we invite More Rice Records, Bangkok (TH) and Ollie Rant, London (UK)

More Rice Records (Mixed By Sarayu) – Thai Vinyl imprint founded by DOTT, Sarayu and Mikhail. Originated from the vibrant city of Bangkok. We really like their ethos which is reflected from their name – More Rice. An everyday saying across Asia and its way to connect with others across the region. With 3 vinyl releases under their belt connecting artists from Asia such as Mogwaa,Korea to working with the likes of Eric Volta. We are very excited with what they have in store including their forthcoming digital compilation Harvest Vol.1. A curation during this lockdown period consisting of artists all over Asia.

Ollie Rant – DJ/Producer from London and just someone who we are inspired by. By his potent UK Garage/2Step selection and productions. Releasing on multiple vinyl imprints recently like Hardline Records, 3 Feet Deep, Flattrax – he has played all around London in various venues. Someone who is known to put in good energy to the UK Garage community which includes his monthly radio shows on Balamii and Threads Radio. Exciting times for Ollie and a massive honour to have him on to kick off the instalment.


Evitceles – 26/08/2020

100 percent unreleased tracks by Sofia-based artist Evitceles.

Evitceles is a Sofia-based artist hitting the scene of the experimental electronic realm since 2014. He has been putting out several physical releases on respected labels like Opal Tapes, Yerevan Tapes, Seagrave, Amek and more. 

Evitceles – ????
Evitceles – ????
Evitceles – ????
Evitceles – ????
Evitceles – ????
Evitceles – ????
Evitceles – ????
Evitceles – ????
Evitceles – ????
Evitceles – ????
Evitceles – Winter Blood
Evitceles – ????
Evitceles – Obsolete Corners
Evitceles – ????
Evitceles – ????

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Joyul – 25/08/2020

擅長以聲音拼貼和人聲等創作的首爾的制作人 Joyul 帶來1小時的氣圍音樂、實驗及傳統民謠的選曲。

Seoul based producer Joyul, who composes with sound collage, voice, modular synthesizer and many other sound objects, is bringing us a 1-hour guest mix of ambient, experimental and traditional folk songs music selections.

Philip Blackburn- Henry and Mimi at the Y
koeosaeme – Point
김월하 – 시창12난간
Exmagma – Greetings To The Maroccan Farmers
Serpente – Rainhas
Mary Rid – Yeong Die
saint croîx – Kracie
Ask the Owl – Yoko Kanno & Hajime Mizoguchi
Unknown – Funeral laments, noo nyiim khöt
Nicolas Jaar – Telencima
Jieng – Love Song, Noo Toong Söh
Róisín Murphy – Murphy’s Law
Annie Gosfield – Impulse Turbine: Inlet, Exaust – Combustion Chamber
Mark Eden – Cremation Science
Fales – SHOKO

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Tengu Yawn – 24/08/2020

Tengu Yawn 客席送上。

1 hour guest mix of comprised industrial, experimental and metal music selections from New York based artist Tengu Yawn.

Tengu Yawn is the fragmented sonic run off of Dan Ahrendt, a haphazard genre-bending musician originally from Salem, Oregon. After half a life lived between Tacoma and Seattle in the Pacific NorthWest of the U.S.A, years of experience in bands and local music merged with a moment of intense physical trauma, leading to a search for control, escape, and exploration through mutated electronic formats. During his time in Seattle he performed in club and DIY settings, transforming and boldening a dark, vocal driven mingling of noisey industrial pummeling and ephemeral song. In 2019, he relocated to Brooklyn, NY in order to further expand upon the shambling, audible effigy born from violent denial of the mundane.”

Band Camp:
IG: @tenguyawn

Geinoh Yamashirogumi – While I Was Spinning
Tengu Yawn – King Taker
Eartaker – Nue
Thegn – Deceiver
Minimal Violence – Innocents
Nazar – Intercept
Duma – Lions Blood
Tengu Yawn – Stacks of Bleed
Curse of the Golden Vampire – Iron Ghetto Man Crusher
Wiley & Riko Dan – Lethal Diss
Yiiki – 梦中的毒云 toxic clouds in dreamland
Violent Magic Orchestra – New World Ballad
Boris – Missing Pieces


Dead Inside Podcasts | Sounds of a Post Apocalyptic Landscape by Night Dives – 24/08/2020

In this episode, Dead Inside Podcasts welcomes Singaporean/Melbourne-based producer and DJ Night Dives to deliver his interpretation of a post apocalyptic landscape.

Night Dives explores aural intimacies and sonic environments. Using a blend of organic and synthetic mediums with various processing methods to experiment on creating a space within sound.

The mix is an exploration in a future where mass surveillance and no privacy is rampant in society.

European Space Agency – BepiColombo Final Rollcall
Vessel – Febrile
Mors/Ava/Wa?ste – Stealing
Drew Mcdowall – This Is What It’s Like
Lanark Artefax – Styx
Lee Gamble – BMW Shuanghuan X5
Yennu Ariendra & J “Mo’ong” Santoso Pribadi – O Sing (The Nay Sayer)
Drew Mcdowall – Nothing Is Hidden
Jacaszek – Encounter Me In The Orchard
Eximia – Prepare
Fis & Rob Thorne – Kuaha
Monic – Infant
Bad Sector – Some Gods
Scattered Purgatory – Night Over The Fish Road
Sam KDC – Rooted
Roberto Crippa – Model
ASC – Critical Phase
SRS – Left Possessed
Drew Mcdowall – YII
Xin – That There Is None
Eli Keszler – Collecting Basin
Magnetisme Animal – Dans cette nuit obscure du mensonge, la lune de la vérité n’est pas visible partout
Anti Shift & Night Dives – Untitled
Ryo Murakami – Untitled 12


Eli Zaelo Presents: The Bouquet Series (Special Guest: Vicky Chan) – 22/08/2020