Somewhere in Ya Ya w/Second Source – 14/10/2022

Somewhere in Ya Ya is a label from Dublin, Ireland run by darktrax.

This weeks guest on the show is darktrax resident Second Source.
darktrax has been running club nights and festivals in Dublin, Ireland since 2016 focusing on live EBM, Body wave, Synth wave, avant garde noise music, ambient and drone.

Bill laswell – Nothing
Pechblende – In a World That Has Stopped Listening
Martina Bertoni – Moving Nature
Biosphere – Hyperborea
Prequel Tapes – Intrinsic
Leftina Osha – Artemisia Chapter II
Monica Hits the Ground – The Pondering of Judas
The Nent – Veritas
Headless Horseman – Breaking the Spell
Umwelt – Across the Abyss
Leftina Osha – Part V
Broken English club – Wars
5p4c3 – Don’t Let Nothing Get You Down


Somewhere in Ya YA w/ darktrax – 09/09/2022

Somewhere in Ya Ya is a label from Dublin, Ireland run by darktrax.
darktrax has been running club nights and festivals in Dublin, Ireland since 2016focusing on live EBM, Body wave, Synth wave, avant garde noise music, ambient and drone.

Psychic TV – The Evening Turns Crimson
51717 – The Glove
William S Boroughs – The Wild Fruits
P.A.L – Creed
Damien Dubrovnik – All God Takes
Spesaeterna – Spes Aeterna
Dopplereffekt – Athanatos
Ron Morelli – Cross Water
Drøne – Back to Station
W.B Yeats – The Lake isle of Innisfree
Prurient – The Beheading of John the Baptist


Cheng Daoyuan: inhale towards outcome – 11/05/2022


Moonbeam Terror – I Repeat

The Marquis – No Love

Distortion Six – Touch

Black Pyramid – M In Da Bluh

Converter – Impure

STCLVR – Prone Dominant

Ah Cama-Sotz – Les Enfers

Deutsch Nepal – Erotikon

Thorofon – Controlled Chaos

Inade – Tat Twam Asi Pt II

Runes Order – Fragments Of Suicide

T.A.G.C. – Po-Ema

T.A.G.C. – Iso-Erotic Calibrations

F.M. Einheit – Defending Phrase

Hazard – Who Blew Out The Northern Lights

En Halvkokt I Folie – Boffo Hard-ons (in the woods)

Front Line Assembly – Mortal

Unter Null – Bloodlust

Puissance – Erlangen

Flesh Field – The Collapse

Asphyxia – Sense of Decay

Wumpscut – Fear In Motion

Hocico – Without a God [Left in Ruins by KiEw]

The Grey Wolves – We Don’t Care

Incipientium – The Object Is Terrifying

Propergol – Delete

The Pale Newspaper – Inactive

Lussuria – Viper Room Vigil

Raison d’être – Deep Enshrouded

Haus Arafna – Today You Died [Did You Know Who I Am]

Megaptera – Don’t Desecrate The Dead

Psychic TV – Slave Priest/Priest Slave

Sewer Goddess – Swollen Skin Rips

Burial Hex – Crowned & Conquering Child

Nigh/T\mare – Armagheddon

Second Spectre – Fear God

MZ. 412 – Paedophilia Cum Sadismus

Feindflug – Feindflug

Himukalt – Staggered, Crushed

Natural Orthodoxy – Single Minded

Mental Destruction – Wound

Propergol – Hand in the Furnance

Trepaneringsritualen – A Cold Cell

Hal Hutchinson – Hammerhead

Gjöll – Perpetual Discontent

Unhuman – Purge Vacuum

Exocet – Like Hot And Bad Dreams

Cordial Fare – How Much Is Enough

Never Worse – Landfill

System//Error – Psychopathic Tendencies Of Destruction

Arktau Eos – The Bone-Orchard

SPK – Macht Schrecken

Brethren – We Have Come To Purify

Dagda Mor – Mind Scan

Abjection Ritual – Thrown To The Wolves, Fed To The Worms

Blac Kolor – In Blac

Chu Ishikawa – Sort of Food

E-Saggila ft. Thoom –  Alia

Mörder Machine – What’s A Human ?

Alberich – Open Warfare

Zoviet France – Swelled Out Downward

Ex.Order – Pain Amplifier

Tsap – Uradel

Cienfuegos – Left Hand Forgiveness

CON-DOM – How Welcome Is Death to I Who Have Nothing More to Do but Die


Bedouin Records: Matt Tecson – 23/02/2022



RDV KVLT 5: PF invites Fatysh – 28/01/2022

No tracklist was provided.


Bedouin Records: Marwa Belhaj Youssef – 12/01/2022

A set of my favorite Bedouin records releases. I’ve been supporting this label since 2015 and am still impressioned by its work. Thank you for the experimental, hypnotic and violent sounds .

Marwa Belhaj Youssef is a Tunisia-based DJ. Her mixes are mental selections highlighting the beauty and violence of sounds. She is a resident artist atMa3azef Radio (Tunis) and Movement Radio (Athens). She works as a booker agent at LYL Radio (Lyon) where her personal goal is to support Arab artists. Marwa has been invited by Boiler Room for the system mix series and she played a number of times to share her favorite sounds on NTS Radio, Rinse FM, Noods Radio, Lyl Radio, Intergalactic FM, Radio Al Hara, Root Radio and Radio Flouka.

Corin – Manifest [Bedouin records]

Blackhaine – Saddleworth

Tzusing – Shame

Pan Daijing – Nomenklatura

Ekman – Thinking Code

AQXDM – Roam

Eomac – Same Heart, Same Breath, Same Life, Same Death

Aquarian –  Blood Sugar

Hiiro Issiki – Blurred

Xosar – A Heart Encircled by a Serpent

Zomby – Emerald

J. Tijn – Shy

Aquarian – 365 Days and Counting

Sorcery – Mirrors of Perception


Cheng Daoyuan w/ Jazz Szu Ying Chen – 30/07/2021

Cheng Daoyuan的第八集節目,邀請到風格冥譎幽魅的藝術家 – Jazz Szu-Ying Chen,旅歐十年後返臺,2021年入選高雄獎,正於高雄市立美術館展出中,近年也與Houndstooth, Loose Lips Records等歐美廠牌合作,擔任封面及周邊等創作。

本集是她的第一個Mix,將與Cheng Daoyuan一同帶來一小時的industrial, techno和EBM等選曲!

For Cheng Daoyuan’s eighth episode, he invites Jazz Szu-Ying Chen, an artist who specialises in creating grotesque yet ghostly beautiful paintings. Residing in Taipei after a 10 year stint in EU/UK, she is currently showing her work at Kaohsiung Fine Art Museum as one of this year’s Kaohsiung Art Award runner-ups. She recently collaborated with labels from EU/UK as cover art and merchandise design, including Houndstooth, Loose Lips Records and more.

This is also her first mix, bringing an hour of industrial, techno and EBM with Cheng Daoyuan.

cover art by Jazz Szu-Ying Chen, “The Garden of Love 2”, 2019

— Cheng Daoyuan —
Primitive Knot – Manifestations of the Outer Gods

Chu Ishikawa – Shizuka I

T V L P Æ – Adytvm I

UVB76 – Onna (feat Mari Suzuki)

Pye Corner Audio – Box In A Box

Deutsch Nepal – Ich Steh’ im Regen (Room 506 Edit)

Imperial Black Unit – God, Ceinture & Miséricorde (Club Edit)

Orphx – What Will Burn

Boy Harsher – Come Closer (Marcel Dettmann Remix)

Blakk Harbor – Moondrone

Twilight Ritual – Means Of Heath

Zoviet France – Swelled Out Downward

Luis Vasquez –  From The Drain

Sacred Lodge – Un Camino Peligroso

Anatomy – Ira Agni

Alberich – Powershock II

Scorn – Little Angel

Daughters – City Song

Ascetic Hedonism – Oblivion’s Liturgy II

Matriarchy Roots – Stereotypes

— Jazz Szu-Ying Chen —

Humanbeast – Chandelier

HEALTH – Mass Grave (ft. Soccer Mommy)

Eomac – Seashells

Akkord – Continuum

LCY – Slutty Siri

Core Self – Suspiria

Fawkes – La Ghoula

Lingua Ignota – In Tongues (Prelude)

Sightless Pit – The Ocean of Mercy

Torn Relics – Poisoned Chalice

Jazz Szu-Ying Chen

Jazz Szu-Ying Chen (b. 1990) is a Taiwanese artist residing in Taipei after a 10 year stint in EU/UK, and is currently one of the artists-in-residence at New Taipei City’s Banqiao 435 Art District. She is currently showing her work at Kaohsiung Fine Art Museum as one of 2021s’ Kaohsiung Art Award runner ups.

Jazz’s art career debut was in 2007, with solo exhibition “Karnival” at Kaohsiung, Taiwan’s Sincewell Gallery. Since then, Jazz has been consistently exhibiting in both Taiwan and the United Kingdom every year, with her commission for London’s Chelsea & Westminster Hospital A&E Wing permanently on show since 2015. Her most recent solo show was in October 2019, at Chini Gallery in Taipei,Taiwan. She also regularly collaborates with the music scene, notably with London’s Houndstooth label on their 2018 critically-acclaimed compilation “In Death’s Dream Kingdom” and most recently with Loose Lips Records for Samantha Togni’s “Expensive Taste” EP.

Jazz’s subjects of focus span over her interest in the beauty and grotesque within the field of anatomy/medical historical imageries, botanical ornaments, to Nordic/Chinese mythologies.

台灣藝術家陳思穎,來自高雄、旅歐10年後返台,現居新北市。現在進駐於新北市政府板橋435長期進駐計劃。2021 高雄獎入選,正於高雄市立美術館展出中。


藝術展覽生涯正式始於2007年於高雄新思維畫廊的個展 “Karnival”,自此,陳思穎展開每年定期的展出活動於台灣、英國兩地。最近期的個展「愛之苑」於2019年底於台北采泥畫廊發表。於2015年與倫敦 Chelsea & Westminster Hospital A&E Wing成為長期合作夥伴。2019年於台北采泥畫廊展出個展 “愛之苑”。陳思穎也定期與歐美音樂界跨界合作。例如,2018年與倫敦唱片公司 Houndstooth合作其所備受好評的專輯“In Death’s Dream Kingdom” 封面,以及最近期與Loose Lips發行的 Samantha Togni EP “Expensive Taste” 封面創作。


CrRdR.eXe: Desvaneciendo w/ CRRDR – 02/06/2021


Anti yo – Advertencia

Ex.hale – Kill the President

Magnum opus – rage

One.flesh infektion – Crowd Bullet

Junn – Manchas

Hungaro – New World

CRRDR – Polombia

Viper Dreams – Sublimation

CRRDR – Wake Me Up

Verraco – Hasta Morir si es Preciso

(Simbolo infinito) – Arder

No Intellectual Property – Elephants in Repression

Martinelli – Chemical

Sarin – 0cytis

Rict – Spine

Binary Algorithms – Etereo

Humanfobia – Arboles Deshojados


GRANDPA’S RADIO 01 – 31/05/2021

YONG YING 送上節目「GRANDPA’S RADIO 01」— !盤點Throbbing Gristle – Slug Bait live 1977,美國 post-hardcore 在役樂隊 Big Black以及英國 gothic rock 樂隊 Alien Sex Fiend 等的post punk,gothic rock,EBM 和實驗曲目等的選曲!

YONG YING presents GRANDPA’S RADIO 01 – a trip through post-punk, gothic rock, EBM, and experimental tunes. Starting with Throbbing Gristle – Slug Bait live performance in 1977, followed by other artists such as Big Black(US post-hardcore band active in the 80s) and Alien Sex Fiend (UK gothic rock band).

1 Slug Bait (Live at Southampton) Throbbing Gristle
2 Wosto – Gas geben mit der Mofa
3 Stung – Tackle
4 Angels of Liberty – Monster In Me (Peter Post Punk)
5 Garbageman relick 3
6 07 Specimen SexBeat-DeadMans-SB Darkwave
7 R.I.P. (New Dub Truck) – Alien Sex Fiend
8 Tripped Out – Velvet Acid Christ
9 B2 Tiempos Dorados – Machino
10 An-i – Malo
11 Electro In Black – Love Has Never Called Ever
12 Feed The Enemy ft. Tyler Pope and Patrick Mahoney
13 Dancing In The Evil – Cardinal & Nun
14 Racer-X – Big Black
15 Zerstöre Eine Stadt – L.F.T.
16 Pablo Pepstasy – Der Wieler
17 CYBT-1
18 Buzz Kull – Che


THEY ARE KILLING US – 05/05/2021

我們的節目主持  crrdr_ 希望籍HKCR 的廣播呼籲國際間的聽眾關注於哥倫比亞現正發生的警察暴力與貪腐問題, 今晚他將他的節目名為「THEY ARE KILLING US」,希望唤起國際間的關注。HKCR 今天與我們哥倫比亞的朋友站在一起,懇請各位積極關注在哥倫比亞發生的狀況,並請各位將這個訊息擴散出去。

Originally recorded for his monthly broadcast, crrdr_ would like to dedicated this episode ‘THEY ARE KILLING US’ to raise awareness of police brutality and corruption in Colombia. Today we stand in solidarity with our friends in Colombia we would like to support the clause and help raise concerns of the dire situation to the friends of the station in the world. Please help spreading the message to your acquaintance if you can so more people worldwide could know what’s going on in Colombia.

This set has no tracklist, was recorded from analog gear and drums, produced by. CRRDR. Used a Korg Volca, Roland TR-8 and Korg Kaosspad